Articles about AD Setup / DC Promotion & Demotion

2003-01-23, 12:44 PM
KB186153 - Modes Supported by Windows 2000 Domain Controllers (;en-us;186153)
KB216899 - Best Practice Methods for Windows 2000 Domain Controller Setup (;en-us;216899)
KB222019 - DCPROMO Space Requirements for Active Directory Database and Log Files (;en-us;222019)
KB237675 - Setting Up the Domain Name System for Active Directory (;en-us;237675)
KB238369 - HOW TO: Promote and Demote Domain Controllers in Windows 2000 (;en-us;238369)
KB241515 - How to Verify the Creation of SRV Records for a Domain Controller (;en-us;241515)
KB257338 - Troubleshooting Missing SYSVOL and NETLOGON Shares on Windows 2000 Domain Controllers (;en-us;257338)
KB257988 - Description of Dcpromo Permissions Choices (;en-us;257988)
KB258500 - Errors Message When Attempting to Join a Windows 2000 Domain (;en-us;258500)
KB258832 - Cannot Join Windows 2000 Client to a Windows NT Domain (;en-us;258832)
KB260371 - Troubleshooting Common Active Directory Setup Issues in Windows 2000 (;en-us;260371)
KB298143 - How to Verify an Active Directory Installation (;en-us;298143)

Unattended / Automatic DC Setup / Promotion
KB223757 - Unattended Promotion and Demotion of Windows 2000 Domain Controllers (;en-us;223757)
KB224390 - How to Automate Windows 2000 Setup and Domain Controller Setup (;en-us;224390)
KB322699 - How to Automate the Installation and Promotion of a Windows NT 4.0 Domain Controller (;en-us;322699)