Articles about CSVDE & LDIFDE

2003-01-22, 04:12 AM
Step-by-Step Guide to Bulk Import and Export to Active Directory (

KB276440 - XADM: How to Use CSVDE.EXE to Backup and Restore Connection Agreements (;en-us;276440)
KB297388 - Csvde Export File Is Truncated If There Is an Object Whose CN Contains a Line Feed Character (;en-us;297388)
KB300409 - How to Use Csvde.exe to Import Contacts into Active Directory (;en-us;300409)
KB327620 - HOW TO: Use Csvde to Import Contacts and User Objects into Active Directory (;en-us;327620)

KB237677 - Using LDIFDE to Import and Export Directory Objects to Active Directory (;en-us;237677)
KB249831 - XADM: How to Delete Windows 2000 User Accounts Stored in LDF Files by the ADC for Deferred Deletion (;en-us;249831)
KB263991 - How to Set a User's Password with Ldifde (;en-us;263991)
KB271517 - The Ldifde Tool Stops Importing .ldif Files If an Attribute Contains Blank Spaces (;en-us;271517)
KB279259 - LDIFDE Does Not Import Users from Trusted Domains (;en-us;279259)
KB283791 - How to Modify Schema Information Using the Ldifde Utility (;en-us;283791)
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KB313823 - XADM: How to Modify a User's E-mail Addresses by Using Ldifde (;en-us;313823)