Articles about Virtual Memory & Memory Dump

2003-01-22, 01:22 AM
KB192669 - Pagefile Set Incorrectly on Computers with >2049 MB RAM (;en-us;192669)
KB197379 - Configuring Page Files for Optimization and Recovery (;en-us;197379)
KB197776 - Pagefile Size Limited to 4,095 MB (;en-us;197776)
KB237740 - How to Overcome 4,095-MB Paging File Size Limit in Windows (;en-us;237740)
KB255205 - How to Delete the Pagefile.sys File in Recovery Console (;en-us;255205)
KB259151 - Paging File Functionality Requires System Account Permissions and Proper Size (;en-us;259151)
KB305905 - Hibernation Does Not Work on a Portable Computer After Windows XP Upgrade and RAM Increase (;en-us;305905)
KB314482 - How to Configure Paging Files for Optimization and Recovery in Windows XP (;en-us;314482)
Clearing Paging File at Shutdown
KB182086 - How to Clear the Windows Paging File at Shutdown (;en-us;182086)
KB314834 - How to Clear the Windows Paging File at Shutdown (;EN-US;314834)
KB320423 - Windows 2000 Shuts Down Slowly with "Clear Virtual Memory Pagefile When System Shuts Down" Setting (;en-us;320423)
Clearing Paging File Using Sysprep Tool Before Imaging
KB295919 - HOW TO: Clear the Paging File When You Use the Sysprep Tool Before Imaging Windows 2000 (;en-us;295919)
KB326210 - HOW TO: Clear the Paging File When You Use the Sysprep Tool Before Imaging in the Windows .NET Server Family (;en-us;326210)
Error Message
KB140472 - PRB: Limited Virtual Memory Error When Starting Windows NT (;en-us;140472)
KB241143 - Error Message: Limited Virtual Memory. Your System Is Running Without a Properly Sized Paging File (;en-us;241143)
KB257758 - FIX: "Limited Virtual Memory" Error Message When You Start Your Computer (;en-us;257758)
KB315270 - Error Message: Your System Has No Paging File, or the Paging File Is Too Small (;en-us;315270)
KB812448 - "Limited Virtual Memory" Error Message When You Start Your Computer After You Install Or Remove a Hard Disk (;en-us;812448)

2003-01-23, 06:57 AM
KB130536 - Windows Does Not Save Memory Dump File After a Crash (;en-us;130536)
KB141468 - Additional Pagefile Created Setting Up Memory Dump (;en-us;141468)
KB173277 - No Memory.dmp File Created with RAM Above 1.7 GB (;en-us;173277)
KB173817 - Savedump.exe Now Provides More Security to Memory.dmp (;en-us;173817)
KB203052 - Poor Program and Service Performance During Crash Dump Transfer (;en-us;203052)
KB228524 - New Crash Dump Options in Windows 2000 Reduce Memory.dmp Size (;en-us;228524)
KB244139 - Windows Feature Allows a Memory.dmp File to Be Generated with Keyboard (;en-us;244139)
KB254649 - Windows 2000 Memory Dump Options Overview (;en-us;254649)
KB274598 - Windows 2000 Does Not Enable Complete Memory Dumps Between 2 and 4 Gigabytes (;en-us;274598)
KB299515 - Crashdump Does Not Work on a Computer with More Than 4 Gigabytes of Memory (;en-us;299515)

2003-01-23, 06:58 AM
KB128327 - How Windows 95 Manages Virtual Memory (;en-us;128327)
KB179141 - Hang or Fatal Exception Error If Paging Drive Is Ejected (;en-us;179141)
KB179191 - Swap File Not Reduced to Zero Bytes at Shutdown (;en-us;179191)
KB239094 - Various Error Messages Displayed and Slow Windows Performance When Virtual Memory Is Enabled (;en-us;239094)
KB240196 - Win386.swp File Is Moved When You Set a Custom Virtual Memory Size (;en-us;240196)

2003-01-24, 08:55 PM
KB253912 - "Out of Memory" Error Messages with Large Amounts of RAM Installed (;en-us;253912)
KB255600 - Windows 2000 Utilities Do Not Display Physical Memory Above 4 GB (;en-us;255600)
KB268230 - Scaling Out Versus Scaling Up with Intel Physical Addressing Extensions (PAE) (;en-us;268230)
KB268363 - Intel Physical Addressing Extensions (PAE) in Windows 2000 (;en-us;268363)
KB279151 - 256 MB of Physical Memory Appears to Be Missing When 4 GB of Memory Is Installed (;en-us;279151)
KB283037 - Large Memory Support Is Available in Windows 2000 (;en-us;283037)
KB291988 - A Description of the 4 GB RAM Tuning Feature and the Physical Address Extension Switch (;en-us;291988)
KB294418 - Comparison of 32-Bit and 64-Bit Memory Architecture (;en-us;294418)
KB316538 - Hibernation Option Is Still Available When You Use /PAE Switch (;en-us;316538)