Articles about Disk, Partition, and Related Tools

2003-01-21, 08:00 AM
KB069013 - FDISK /MBR Rewrites the Master Boot Record (;en-us;69013)
KB066706 - The Four Steps Needed to Make a Hard Disk Usable (;en-us;66706)
KB166454 - Using FDISK /MBR for Troubleshooting Windows NT Boot Problems (;en-us;166454)
KB246387 - FDISK May Not Work When IDE Controller Is Rebalanced (;en-us;246387)
KB255867 - How to Use the Fdisk Tool and the Format Tool to Partition or Repartition a Hard Disk (;en-us;255867)
KB261473 - Unable to Delete a Partition or Logical DOS Drive Using the Fdisk Utility (;en-us;261473)
KB263044 - Fdisk Does Not Recognize Full Size of Hard Disks Larger than 64 GB (;en-us;263044)
KB263045 - Format Displays Size of Partitions or Logical Drives Larger Than 64 GB Incorrectly (;en-us;263045)
KB310359 - Cannot View NTFS Logical Drive After Using Fdisk (;en-us;310359)
KB313348 - HOW TO: Partition and Format a Hard Disk in Windows XP (;en-us;313348)
KB323007 - HOW TO: Copy a Folder to Another Folder and Retain its Permissions (;en-us;323007)

KB148821 - Possible Data Loss with LBA and INT13 Extensions (;en-us;148821)
KB240672 - Setup Does Not Check for INT-13 Extensions Before Creating System Partition (;en-us;240672)
KB249085 - How to Delete a Primary Partition Without Removing the Extended Partition (;en-us;249085)
KB316379 - You Cannot Delete a Non-Current System Partition (;en-us;316379)
KB317633 - A Logical Disk on an Extended Partition Is Recognized as a Primary Partition (;en-us;317633)

2003-06-13, 02:07 PM
KB223146 - Cannot Use Command-Line Switches with Disk Defragmenter Tool (;en-us;223146)
KB283080 - Description of the New Command Line Defrag.exe Included with Windows XP (;en-us;283080)
- Windows XP 才有命令列工具,Windows 2000 沒有。

KB227463 - Disk Defragmenter Limitations in Windows 2000 (;en-us;227463)
KB314848 - How to Defragment Your Disk Drive Volumes in Windows XP (;en-us;314848)
- Can defragment only local volumes.
- Can defragment only 1 volume at a time.
- Can't defragment one volume while scanning another.
- Can't be scheduled.(但 WinXP 可利用 defrag.exe 指令來做到。)
- Can run only 1 MMC snap-in at a time.

KB199826 - Unable to Defragment Partition Smaller Than 16 MB (;en-us;199826)
KB227350 - Files Excluded by the Disk Defragmenter Tool (;en-us;227350)
KB231176 - Running Windows Disk Defragmenter Requires Administrator Privileges (;en-us;231176)
KB312067 - Shadow Copies May Be Lost When You Defragment a Volume (;en-us;312067)

KB300978 - HOW TO: Analyze and Defragment a Disk Volume in Windows 2000 (;en-us;300978)
KB305781 - HOW TO: Analyze and Defragment a Disk in Windows XP (;en-us;305781)
KB318759 - HOW TO: Use the Disk Defragmenter Tool in Windows 2000 (;en-us;318759)
KB323389 - HOW TO: Analyze and Defragment a Disk Volume in Windows Server 2003 (;en-us;323389)

KB262627 - Windows 2000 Professional Upgrade Can Cause Disk Fragmentation (;en-us;262627)
KB310541 - "Drive's Contents Have Changed: Restarting" Message When You Use Disk Defragmenter (;en-us;310541)