Good news folks. I have just found out that Buffalo and Orinoco (Lucent) are the same as far as hardware is concerned. So If U are using either Orinoco or Buffalo AP and think that the PCMCIA client or USB client is too expansive, U can switch over to other brand

I have also tried the following combinations and they work :


I am using Orinoco AP through out the test. Why Orinoco bcoz it is 100% compatible with IEEE spec (Buffalo is another choice). Some AP of other makes are not 100% compatible (some sort of reduced set, so I have been told).

Note that for 3COM, U will have to use the same 3COM PCI Adapter if U want to use it with yr. desktop. I don't particularly like 3Com bcoz its encryption is still 40-bit outside USA, whileother brands is using 64-bit. The range of wireless is about 100-140m.