GPU-Z v0.8.6


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2008-06-01, 03:34 AM
May 31, 2008
Revision History
Fixed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260/280 (GT200) support. Everything is working and tested now
Removed bogus 190°C PCB temp sensor on various NVIDIA cards
Added fan speed monitoring for NVIDIA
Fixed crash when switching devices during sensor refresh
Fixed ROP/Shader count on NVIDIA G72
Fixed graphs spilling over their client area
Fixed a number of other rare crashes
NVIDIA device ID 0x00F3 now correctly recognized as NV43
Improved crash reporting module



2008-09-24, 11:59 PM
GPU-Z v0.2.8

Updated:Sep 24, 2008
Revision History
Added logging of sensor data to file
Added option to disable polling for individual sensors
Added support for AMD RV730
Added clock reading support for Catalyst 8.9 on RV770 and RV730
Added support for NVIDIA 9400 GT, 9500 GT, 9600 GS, 9800M GS, 9600M GS, 9300M GS, 9200M GE
Added support for AMD R580 Stream Processor, RV730 and one M88 variant
Fixed PCI subvendor ID 1787 to be ATI AIB
Fixed readings and added monitoring support for ATI M88
Fixed fan speed readings on ADT7473 sensor
Added support for ADT7473 sensor chip on ATI
Added release dates for several NVIDIA mobile GPUs


2009-03-25, 09:39 PM
GPU-Z v0.3.3

Date:Mar 25, 2009
Revision History
*Added support for RV740 (HD 4750, HD 4770) and RV790 (HD 4890)
*Fixed G98 shader count
*Fixed GT200 process size calculation
*Added support for GTX 275

MD5 Hash: E8C93B95B90188DEA0EF754C66AF4FA0

2009-03-26, 08:53 AM
thanks for sharing!

2009-09-25, 01:26 AM
GPU-Z 0.3.5

Date:Sep 24, 2009
Filename: GPU-Z.0.3.5.exe
MD5 Hash: 864F7E157CBFE11BDBF5F45F4C12C5EB

Revision History
•ATI Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress) fully supported (includes voltage monitoring)
•Added or improved support for NVIDIA FX5500, 9400 GT, G73, GTS 240, GT 140, FX 1800, GT 120 (Apple), FX 380, FX 350, GTX 295 Single PCB, Quadro CX, FX 5800, FX 4800, FX 3800, GTX 180M, GTX 260M, FX 2700M, G 110M, GT 120M, GT 220M, FX 1700M, G 105M, MCP79MX
•Added or improved support for ATI HD 4730, HD 4650 AGP, M92, M96, M98
•Added clock reading for Intel i910, i915, i945, 946
•Added support for DDR3 detection on G9x
•Added monitoring support for RV7xx based mobile chips
•Voltage controller "slaves" are now called "phases"
•Added Intel Havendale detection
•Fixed BIOS parsing on some newer HD 4870 cards
•Added voltage monitoring support for MSI N275GTX Lightning


2009-10-15, 09:54 PM
GPU-Z 0.3.6

Filename: GPU-Z.0.3.6.exe
MD5 Hash: 024C2CEB4B9B4F6A74CB1A9B0A22FE52
Revision History:
•Added Infotips, they can be turned off in the system menu
•Added preliminary support for ATI Radeon HD 5900 (Hemlock), HD 5600 (Cedar), HD 5300
•Added full support for HD 5850, HD 5770, HD 5750
•GPU-Z no longer crashes on ATI ULPS enabled CrossFire configurations
•Fillrate Pixel, Fillrate Texel, Memory Bandwidth will now correctly recalculate when clocks
•Bus Interface, ATI shader count is now periodically refreshed
•Added support for HD 5850 voltages
•Second voltage on HD 5870 correctly named VDDCI
•ATI clock reading code fixed
•Fixed default clock reading on HD 5850
•Added Mutex to avoid collisions on long I2C operations
•Added basic detection for a lot of NVIDIA card fakes (NV41 sold as 9800 GT etc..)
•Added detection for ATI FireGL V7600, M92, RS880
•Added detection for NVIDIA GT 130, 9600 GE, Tesla C1060, G 220, GT 220, NVS 3100, GTS
160 M, NVS 160M, NVS 150M, G105M, GT 240M, G105M, G210M, G310M, ION LE
•Fixed die size and transistor count on G72 M


2009-11-20, 02:41 PM
GPU-Z 0.3.7

Date:Nov 19,2009
Filename: GPU-Z.0.3.7.exe
MD5 Hash: BCF5465EF1035D3067BEA9604BD08E57

Revision History
•Added Infotips for sensors
•Fixed crash when ATI ULPS CrossFire enabled
•Added full support for ATI HD 5970 (Hemlock)
•Added full support for NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 (GT215)
•Added "ULPS active" note to CrossFire status when ULPS active
•Fixed overclocks via CCC not showing correctly
•Added checkboxes to show availability of CUDA, PhysX, OpenCL and DirectX Compute
•Improved memory type detection for GT 216, GT 218
•Added voltage monitoring support for HD 5770
•Disconnected fan now shows correctly in sensors (when detectable via hardware)
•Improved accuracy of ATI GPU load monitoring
•Added detection for ATI RV380/RV530 cards relabeled to NVIDIA 9400/9500/9600 GT
•Added support for NVIDIA 9300 SE, NVS450, GT 240, GTS 250M, G102M
•Added support for Intel G41


2009-12-02, 11:41 AM
GPU-Z 0.3.8

Updated: Dec 1, 2009
Operating System:2000/XP/Vista/W7
Filename: GPU-Z.0.3.8.exe
MD5 Hash: A5444F5EDBC9C1BCD1D703AD97E13088
Revision History
•Added framework for translations in GPU-Z, to do that we need your help. Please go to to submit contributions in your language
•Added sensors to monitor GPU load percentages on NVIDIA
•Fixed startup on Windows 2000 (DLL not found)
•Improved detection/added sensors for ATI M86
•Fixed several NVAPI crashes
•Fixed crash when PhysX not available
•GPU-Z can now be set in its system menu to be always on top of other windows


2010-02-25, 02:36 PM
GPU-Z 0.3.9

Updated:Feb 23, 2010
Operating System:2000/XP/Vista/W7

Filename: GPU-Z.0.3.9.exe
MD5 Hash: 6BE675E95F62DFB90626EA2FD00ECF06

Revision History
•Added localized tooltips in the languages: AM, AR, BG, CN, DE, FA, FR, IT, PT, RS, RU, TR, UA. Default language is your system language, you can change this setting in the system menu of GPU-Z.
•Added support for ATI HD 5830, HD 5770, HD 5750, HD 5670, HD 5570, HD 5450, HD 4860, HD 4750, Mobility HD 3430, M97, Mobile HD 5850, 5730, 5650, 5470 (Broadway, Madison and Park)
•Added support for NVIDIA GeForce 6200A, GTS 250, 9800S, 205, 310, GT 320, GT 240, GTS 360M, 230M, 330M, 240M, G105M, Quadro NVS170M, G210M, GTS 250M, future MCP, more ION variants.
•Added support for Intel GMA500, Clarkdale, Arrandale
•Added detection for variants of NVIDIA NV41, G94, G98, ATI RV350, RV370, R480, RV515. Most of them used on fake cards relabeled to NVIDIA 9x00 series.
•Improved default clock BIOS parsing on NVIDIA
•Fix for incorrect default clocks on HD 5000 Series
•Fixed incorrect real-time clock monitoring on some HD 5000 cards
•Added more accurate real-time clock monitoring function for NVIDIA
•Improved OpenCL detection on ATI R700, RV790, all HD 5000 cards
•Added temp. monitoring support for some Intel IGPs
•Improvements to CUDA detection
•Removed memory chip input fields from VGA BIOS Upload


2010-03-28, 04:34 PM
GPU-Z v0.4.0

Date:Mar 26, 2010
Revision History
•Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 and GTX 480
•Added voltage monitoring for HD 5750, 5830, 5870 Lightning
•Added support for Intel Pineview
•Fixed double memory clock reading on NVIDIA w/ GDDR5 (real clock is now displayed)
•Fixed rounding errors in RV7xx and Evergreen fan monitoring code
•Added tooltip translations for Albanian and Chinese Traditional
•Memory bandwidth calculation uses GB now instead of GiB
•Added new hardware giveaway tab in cooperation with ASUS

Filename: GPU-Z.0.4.0.exe
MD5 Hash: CD25F05558ECE55B1AC4C9D4332DBADF