Linux Live-CD Router


2005-11-08, 05:11 AM
The Linux Live-CD Router allows you to share your broadband connection and
use WIFI. You can use ADSL, Cablemodem, T1, Fixed IPs, Dial-Up and more.
Free download!

- Share your broadband Internet connection
- Supports xDSL, Cablemodem, Fixed IP, Dial-Up and Wireless (WIFI)
- It includes Firewall Shorewall and Masquerading (NAT)
- Use standard and low cost computer, networking and wifi hardware
- Can replace external Access Points (APs)
- Does not require any installation. It is a LiveCD, your computer simply
boots straight from the CD. Does not require a hard disk
- Remote SSH administration
- Includes DNS Cache to accelerate surfing
- Includes SNMP Remote Monitoring and Graphical Statistics
- Linux Software compatible with Windows and Mac Networks

Hardware Requirements
One dedicated computer with the following minimum specifications: 486
Processor, 16 MBytes of RAM, 2X CDRom Reader, Floppy Drive, 1 or 2
ethernet cards. NO hard disk required! Optional Wifi card (can replace an
external AP)