【軟體】電腦必備的多媒體播放軟體 - KMP 2.8.1030 final


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阿 土
2005-10-18, 03:53 PM
Kmplayer 與 Mplayer 一樣是從 linux 平台移植到 Windows
系統資源佔用小且面版使用winamp2相類似的 SKIN 格式
也可以使用 Winamp 的 Plugin 程式,包含聲音及視覺效果等 plugin

不用裝任何影像/音效編碼程式庫, 即可播放 MP3 / MPG / AVI / VCD / DVD ...
甚至還可以拿來搭配電視卡看有線電視 , 玩 PS2....

看 Divx 時 , 字幕方面的選項很 "豐富"
可以選擇字幕出現在影片上或者字幕出現在影片 16:9 下方黑色的地方

此套 KMP 越來越多人用嘍 :)
KMP功能真的是超多的 , 等你用過之後你才會覺得好用在哪裡


1.安裝程式請選擇 "英文" 模式安裝
3.執行程式後在面版上按滑鼠右鍵選 "Language" -> "Chinesebig5.ini" 選單就會變成繁體中文


PCZONE 上的 原 KMP 討論文章:


ZIP 版本下載: (解開即可使用,不必安裝)



阿 土
2005-10-18, 03:59 PM
我只對 Chinesebig5.ini 修改了部分用詞
其他熱心朋友也可弄一下更好的繁體中文語系 , 大家一起分享

請直接下載附件後解壓縮到 Language 目錄下覆蓋原始檔案即可

2005-10-19, 08:19 AM
報告大大,裝了KMP 2.8.1030後,今天一早播放影片時,
發現它自動偵測到KMP 2.8.1031版了,更新了一長串的東西,
http://alpha.zshare.net/_files_/20515/thumb/thumb.gif (http://www.zshare.net/image/kmplayer-gif.html)
Truemotion 2 디코딩 추가
Fixed bug in subtitle starting without <Sami>
USF 자막 지원(완전하지는 않음...)
Support USF subtitles(Not perfect)
Now, it's possible to input a releative subtitle path
Improved the function of correcting aspect ratio difference between desktop and monitor
Fixed bug with aWrapsharp(alt+w)
Optimized internal memory manager
Updated to delphi 7.1
Updated unicode control
Fixed weird bug of showing up white line at the bottom of the screen when subtitles are drawed on VMR surface with antialiasing and anisotropic filtering enabled
Added support for high quality RGB24/32 conversion
Added 6ch dolby decoder
Added headphone mode 2
Added noise reduction filter
Improved Compressor
Added two algorithms in normalizer method
Moved audio stream selection to submenu and added option to select left/right channel
If not connected to overlay mixer, The KMPlayer will pop up selection dialog of video renderer
Added fast spp/pp7 deblocking in postprocessing method
Added MKV/MP4 keyframe searching
Fixed bug in LPCM decoding
Fixed delay when exiting The KMPlayer, trying to connect to internet.
Improved level filter
Fixed bug in skin drawing
Rearranged MP3 splitter selection menu and added internal MP3 source filter and splitter
Added LPCM decoder selection menu
Added LPCM output
Modified the matrix of internal audio decoder
Added option to pre-amplify AC3/DTS stream
Added option to select audio/video decoder in HDTV(wdm)
It was impossible to process file above 4G with KMP Async Source Filter, fixed.
Updated livavcodec/mplayer library
Added function of outputting subtitles to SkinLabelCmd(LabelCaption, LabelCaptionWithMsg)
Updated TomsMO deinterlacing filter
Updated Asharp filter
Updated SimpleResize filter(only in full version)
Added option to use a unit of pixel at top/bottom margins in Screen Offset preferences(Ctrl+Q)
Improved the compatibility of internal TS splitter
Added button to call filter property window in each section of splitter, external audio/decoder setup
Removed none-used decoder/Adjusted some priority of decoder
Fixed a bug in internal 24bits LPCM decoder
Added Resampler within internal audio decoder/processing filter
Added menu to turn on/off H/W, S/W color controls individually
Added Freeverb filter
Added OGG source filter based on bass.dll
Fixed a bug in SuperSpeed mode, subtitles was not showed up without OverlayMixer
Fixed a bug in 4:3 Extending, the function was not worked properly with mkv
Unicode tags support(ID3v2, APEv2)
Fixed a bug in playing back 120fps avi file when downloading
Fixed a problem of wrong decoding AAC 5.1ch with internal AAC decoder
Some QT audio decoder support with internal MOV/MP4 splitter(needs QT runtime library)
Optimized internal memory manager
Optimized memory copy function
Added Gabest's stream switcher in the preferences of multi-audio streams
Fixed a bug in correction between Monitor and desktop
Added Skin Command which fixs Screen Size to horizental/vertical(SkinSizeFixed=1,2,3)
Added internal AAC source/splitter
Added a function to follow KMP's position settings of subtitles when displaying bitmap sub/idx subtitles
AVC fourcc support in internal MOV splitter; compatibility was greatly improved
Fixed a bug in searching mkv without keyframes when using internal mkv splitter
Added option to go to full screen directly when starting
Support Icecase stream
Added memory caching to internal Async Source Filter
Added option to resize with interlaced source
Added function to define tooltips on skin button in language file. This will greatly increase convenience of users. If you find some crackings on tooltip of any skin you uses, it's required to report to add the item into language file.
Improved Open dialog box for TV-OUT(ctrl+j). Now there are two kinds of Open dialog box for TV-OUT: One for theater mode which draws open dialog box onto overlay surface, the other for clone or dualview mode.
Improved the quality of overlay subtitles
Fantastic VMR message support in VMR Renderless. I really like it.
Added option to process using RGB in color themes. The speed of changing randomly with RGB is faster than YUV, but it is, some or less, a different method to change colors. If you prefer to previous method, switch to YUV color themes at "Skins > Color Themes".
Improved the way of analyzing and displaying file info
Bookmarks/Chapter/Marker would be displayed on trackbar
Fixed forcibly the problem of not connecting internal AAC decoder with Elecard Mpeg2 Demuxer
Fixed a bug in internal realaudio decoder
Fixed a crashing problem in advanced capture/improved its speed and stability
It's possible to add bottom margin for subtitles in super(high)speed mode.
Add function to enable ac3 re-encoding via LPCM output driven by external one like cyberlink auido decoder. In short, it's possible now to expand 2ch source to 5.1ch using cyberlink audio decoder and transfer it to spdif through AC3 re-encoding within kmp.
Improved the compatibility of internal Theora decoder
The size of overlay message could be dynamically controlled. And fixed a flicking problem when displaying overlay message.
Support internal MP4 subtitles
Improved internal source/splitter
Fixed many bugs..
support ratdvd(need ratdvd filters)
support surestream-ed files(rm)

2005-10-19, 08:32 AM
怎麼會這樣哩= =?
要把ratDVD的Codec複製到KMP的資料夾裡面嗎= =?

2005-10-19, 08:40 AM

2005-10-19, 08:47 AM
怎麼會這樣哩= =?
要把ratDVD的Codec複製到KMP的資料夾裡面嗎= =?

按鍵盤的Scroll Lock這個鈕試試,應該就可以了:)

2005-10-19, 09:08 AM
我都用這套播放軟體給USER 使用
我用的是免安裝的版本 也不怕USER 給我移除掉

2005-10-19, 10:13 PM

2005-10-19, 10:49 PM

2005-10-21, 01:05 AM