Plextor PX-708A 新韌體 1.03 發布


2003-10-21, 06:02 PM
我沒有 708A, 僅提供剛剛看到的東東給各位參考, 新的 Firmware 1.03

source 來源出處 : Plextor Europe (

Download 下載 (

Fixed Bugs:
The PC may hang when writing and erasing are repeatedly carried out on DVD+RW media.
Some drives cannot mount the DVD-RW media that was formatted for the first time on PX-708A.
Write performance on DVD+R media.
Write performance on DVD-R media.
Write performance on DVD-RW media.
Support for newer DVD+R media.
Support for newer DVD+RW media.
Support for newer DVD-R media.
Support for newer DVD-RW media.
Support for newer High Speed CD-RW media.

LD 002 (Lead Data 4x)
MBIPG101R03 (Moser Baer 4x)

CMC MAG W02 (CMC Magnetics 4x)
INFODISCA10 (Infodisc 4x)
MBIPG101W03 (Moser Baer 2.4x)
NANYASC DRW (Nanya 2.4x)
PHILIPS 010 (Philips 2.4x)
PHILIPS 041 (Philips 4x)
PHTEST RW4 (? 4x)
PRODISC W02 (Prodisc 4x)
RITEK 004 (Ritek 4x)
SENTINELW01 (Sentinel 2.4x)
TDKplusWt12 (TDK 4x)

CMCW02 (CMC Magnetics 2x)