Help of T07AW + DI-524UP


2007-09-05, 12:11 PM
因CHT T07AW 之WLan 尚需額外付月費,故另外添購D-link DI-524UP for WLan.

D-Link DI-425UP overview:
WAN 介面
1埠10/100BASE-TX 支援自動 MDI/MDIX
LAN 介面
4埠10/100BASE-TX 內建MDI/MDIX 晶片
提供802.11g 無線網路
USB 介面
1 埠USB 列印埠

T07AW is default set as
DI-524UP is default set as
Configuration #1 as bellow:

ADSL - T07AW - PC#1
- DI-524UP (WAN port)

Then PC#2 or Notebook can access ADSL through WLan

優點: I can turn off DI-524UP when no devices use WLan.
缺點: Although PC#2 can print out with DI-524UP printer, but PC#1 can't do it. And, PC#1 and PC#2 can't share file through 網路芳鄰

Have anyone can help me on this matter?
Configuration #2

ADSL - T07AW - DI-524UP (WAN port)
Lan - PC#1

優點: both of 網路芳鄰, printer are OK
缺點: I must turn on DI-524UP, 耗電且電磁波!!