Dlink 出DI-624 新韌體了


2005-05-29, 05:11 PM
DI-624 硬體版本H/W:Cx 軔體 版本2.53 eng
備註說明: DI-624 硬體版本H/W:Cx 軔體 版本2.50b04 中文版<=搞笑?


DI-624 Firmware Version Rev.2.53
Problems Resolved:
1. Fixed L2TP(PPPoE) connection problem.
2. Fixed shared key unstable with non-atheros client.
3. Fixed shared key unstable with TI Client.
4. Fixed traffic broadcast packet once WAN port and LAN port connect to same switch.
5. Fixed unstable when use Bigpond.
6. Fixed unstable when use E-Mule and BT.
7. Fixed connection between WPA with MacOS Airport unstable.
8. Fixed unable to access two French website:www.laronde.com & www.lemondialsaq.com.
9. Fixed rules name of Firewall can key-in the same name.
10. Fixed rules name of URL Filter can key-in the same key word
11. Modify Destination should be WAN , not LAN , in the firewall page/allow to ping wan port.
12. Modify L2TP/PPTP "Server IP" name length can set to 32 character.
13. Modify NTP server update timeing, when user apply setting, NTP server will update immediately.
14. Move "Super-G", "SSID Broadcast", "802.11g Only" from "Performance" page to "Wireless" page.
15. Move DDNS selection from cable test page to Tools page.
16. Change WAN speed default setting to 10/100Mbps Auto.
17. Router will auto clear DHCP reserved IP once user change LAN IP address.
18. Remove Super-G with static function for Wi-Fi reason.

1. Support ATMEL flash.
2. Add Multicast stream selection button in MISC page.
3. Add static and dynamic IP selection button in PPTP, L2TP page
4. Add Dial on demand and Auto-reconnect selection button in PPTP/L2TP page.
5. Add warning message in Wireless Page with Super G with Dynamic Turbo only operates in Channel 6.
6. Add WAN-L2TP, WAN-PPTP gateway selection in the Wizard/WAN/PPTP&L2TP page.
7. Add WMM(wireless QoS) function in the wireless page.
8. Add WPA2 function in the wireless page.
9. Add Web UI from (Dial On Demand/Auto-reconnect) to (Always-on/Manual/Connect-on demand) for PPPoE connection type (same with 624+).

有沒有大大更新了... :confused:


2005-07-01, 09:44 PM